Our Security Practice


Today’s rapidly evolving threat landscape demands smarter and more responsive tools, technology and expertise to secure one’s information assets 24/7/365.

No one buys an unsecure server and no one deploys an unsecured network or a defective code or worse permits an unsecured user access. Most Vendors can boast of a very robust security capabilities of their platform.

Several of them have invested tons of money to ensure that their systems are bullet-proof and safe from both internal and external malicious attacks. And it is this reputation that often keeps staff from giving these platforms
and software code and user access the same attention as they give to other platforms with less reputation.

But as new staff rotate in, expertise rotates out. Eventually organizations find themselves with maintenance gaps and dangerous security holes on a system once considered bulletproof. Even worse—no one has the knowledge
to patch them up!

The other situation also exist. It is an acceptable fact that today more and more companies recognize the importance of security resilience of their products and corporate data and most spend enormous resources to ensure that security resilience. However, in several cases data security is seen as a technical issue and to the business folks the security policies are limiting, sometimes either unclear or ambiguous, making it even more difficult to identify the right measure(s) to take for a certain goal. In several cases therefore convenience trumps data protection.

From beginner basics to advanced tactics . . . From infrastructure, data and application protection to cloud and managed security services, CourtBridge Consulting Ltd has joined ranks with IBM, EMC and Oracle to develop
the expertise geared towards safeguarding your company’s critical assets. In this regard, CourtBridge employs some of the best minds in the business to ensure that your organization sees IT security as just as much a technical challenge as it is an organizational challenge and works with you in a continuous improvement and regular monitoring to prevent increasingly sophisticated threats.

Paramount to any good IT system, is the ability to layer and tailor comprehensive security across the organization. This security should cover ability to secure assets, provision and manage identities, and make sure
that information is accessible to authorized users wherever and however it is needed, and the ability to apply governance and be in compliance with regulations. Our security capability at its core is fraud prevention and
detection, data security, identity and access management, governance and compliance. We build solutions around the leading tools in the industry from IBM and EMC RSA and Open Source. This best of breed approach includes complementary security intelligence platform components which help organizations to reduce risk and cost associated with protecting sensitive data and also addresses needs across the whole security incident timeline—before, during and after a breach has occurred.

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