CourtBridge Consulting Software development team uses a development methodology that produces business value.

Development of Net solutions or any kind of collaborative solutions requires users of the system to be an integral part of the design process. Whereas traditional development methodology measures success against a ‘once agreed will never be changed’ specification, the success of a collaborative system requires tight integration with the user community during design, development, piloting and deployment phases. Defined phases with scheduled group meetings held at pre-determined times and with pre-determined decision points stops wasted resource (a.k.a. budget) preventing projects spiraling out of control, never meeting their objectives and joining the industry’s collection of never quite completed projects.

Experienced project leaders are there to lead customers and steer them away from the pitfalls. This results-oriented and open approach delivers business solutions that provide value as well as meeting the business objectives that are set for the project.


At the start of a project, CourtBridge Consulting Group elects a project manager. All projects need a strong and committed leader that will drive the project from beginning to end.

During the early phases of a project the project manager needs to be both flexible and structured as the relationship and management process begins. CCG asks to meet and build relationships not just with the project owners or business users but also with any in-house IT staff, suppliers that may be connecting into the system and anybody else who may be affected by the system. Forming these relationships early on is fundamental to the project’s success.

The project phases and work plan are made available for all to share through an Extranet site. The Extranet site becomes a focus from this point on, connecting all communities together to share information pertaining to the project. Providing scheduling and a community discussion area, the Extranet also exists as a permanent reference for all involved.


Collaborative systems effect existing processes. They may define new ones or they may challenge existing ones. CourtBridge Consulting Group (CCG) plays a strong role in ensuring that the environment that the new system will be deployed into will be ready and prepared. Playing a mix of ‘devil’s advocate’ and facilitator to the wider audience – process managers and end users – we help you challenge your processes and prepare for the new system. This phase also feeds detailed information back into the project to ensure that the wider user communities needs are met.


During the design phase, internal CCG resources are engaged at a number of different levels. The creative and UI team, senior developers and consultant all work together to produce a design piece that is brought to the design meeting. Often the output of this phase is a prototype system that is installed or put on-line for feedback from the customer and also from the CCG project team. This mix of us questioning ourselves as well as you produces a solution orientated and creative environment as we work as a single team to produce the best solution.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

We provide rich learning experiences for our consultants and only select those who strive to adapt to new technologies, tools, and delivery techniques to better serve our customers.